Friday, October 1, 2010

How Will Monitium Help The Experienced Marketer?

Since you've clicked on the "Experienced in MLM" link, we're going to presume that you fall into one of the following 4 categories:
  • Believes in the industry, has worked at least one MLM company with no significant success
  • Believes in the industry, has worked at least one MLM company, made a little money, but hasn't yet created a stable residual income
  • Believes in the industry, has worked in multiple companies with some financial success
  • Believes in the industry, has worked multiple companies and has created a good residual income
You're experienced enough to understand the realities of our industry, especially if you've been involved in several MLM company's during your network marketing career thus far. If you've built your MLM business the old fashioned way up until now, chances are that you're working far too hard to maintain your commission check (let alone increasing it).

Some factors out of your control are attrition, compensation plan changes, product delivery challenges, price point of your product, and other corporate issues of the company. These days you might even feel like your MLM business requires more attention than your job once did!

If this is your current reality, don't feel bad as you're certainly not alone. The vast majority of low to mid level MLM earners are experiencing the same challenges and they're most certainly feeling stressed as the future of their residual checks have become more and more uncertain. Most are scrambling, trying to increase sponsorship on their teams by running promotions, or trying the latest & greatest online recruiting miracle.

Here at Monitium, we believe it's time for you to rethink the equation!

The truth is, THE ECONOMY HAS CHANGED, which has also changed the methodology that you need to follow in your MLM business plan if you want to earn real money in the future. If your upline leader has told you that what worked in the past will work now, or in the future, then they're sadly mistaken. Whether intentionally or not, they’re simply not current with the state of the MLM industry and they're setting you up for an endless cycle of work. Hey, wasn't building an MLM business suppose to be a 3 to 5 year plan and then you retire on a residual income? You can most likely forget that plan if you’re following the same old MLM building system that your company recommends.

Whether you realize it or not, current MLM industry polling confirms that more than 65% of network marketers are actively participating in up to Three MLM companies at the same time. Like it or not this is an industry wide statistic, so these numbers are real for your team as well. Since nearly 3/4's of your team members are already engaged in multiple streams of income, you can either steer that process through Monitium's proprietary platform, or stand back, do nothing and lose control of your team over time. The choice Is yours to make, but if you choose to act, you can protect your team, plus position yourself and them to profit in a big way!

In order to reduce your risk and maximize your gains in the MLM industry today, you must change your business plan, that's a given. The network marketer's who will prosper significantly over the coming years and have the highest odds of joining the elusive MLM Millionaires Club, are those individuals who recognize that flexibility and decentralization of financial risk, now go hand in hand with an intelligent MLM business strategy.

We're going to assume 4 things about you right now:
  • You're willing to change your current old school MLM business plan
  • You're ready to follow the Monitium business philosophy, which will catapult you into Monitium’s Millionaires Club (MMC).
  • You're serious about seeing a significant change in your lifestyle in the next 6 to 12 months.
  • You're a leader in the making and you're prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed and build a massive team.
At Monitium we operate with a "game changing" philosophy, it's who we are and it's why we're successful. Our operating philosophy is all about empowering the network marketer to create significant wealth. Even a mid-level MLM builder with a relatively small team (500 Associates), will certainly earn a full time income if they're involved with just 3 of our portfolio companies and that’s on top of the income that they'll earn from the MLM company they're already with.

As you build your team within your Monitium genealogy platform and those new team members enroll into your selected portfolio companies, your income will continue to grow exponentially. Imagine once your team is 1,000 Associates in size and they're actively engaged in 4 or 5 of your Monitium portfolio companies, now you’re knocking down a "stable" CEO level yearly income! And at an extremely monthly overhead, there’s no real financial barrier to joining, which means high conversion numbers and quickly growing teams!

On top of income, stability and security, Monitium also offers you access to the finest marketing systems available today. And if that wasn't enough, the MNOW (Monitiums Network of Women), has been conceived just for women. We are talking total women's empowerment here, combined with cutting edge business teachings.

If you're a guy reading this, you might be wondering why we have a special section for ladies only. That’s easy to explain. Today, women are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment within the home based industry and they make (or have significant influence), over 85% of the decisions involving finances within the majority of the world's population bases. Women deserve to be recognized for what they are, an economic powerhouse which is taking the network marketing industry by storm.

Did you know that women now make up 7 out of every 10 new home based entrepreneurs?

We strongly recommend that you secure your position within Monitium's permanent Binary genealogy, as our global platform is quickly attracting the attention of every major MLM builder, which will allow you to reap the extraordinary benefits of spillover on a global scale.

Welcome To Monitium - The Next Millennium.

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