1) Question: 
How are the Portfolio Companies chosen for Monitium?

One of the many functions Monitium Executive and Advisory boards are tasked with is identifying potential portfolio companies. Monitium’s leadership take the process of choosing portfolio companies very seriously and have established extensive criteria that must be met in order for a company to be considered.

Some criteria include: Product Line, Compensation Plan, Stability of Company & Stability of Ownership.

Once a company is chosen and preliminary criteria are met Monitium’s legal team, Warren & Wellman, will be facilitating an extensive background check of the proposed company and its officers.

2) Question:
Am I able to use my Monitium downline for personal projects?

To do so would be counterproductive and not beneficial to your team at all, especially when compared to how much they benefit within Monitium’s wealth building portfolio platform. Because of this we ask that you not expose your team to any business models outside of those that have passed Monitium’s extensive background and business model criteria. If you believe you have found a great company that would be of benefit to the Monitium community, please contact Monitium corporate.

3) Question:
Can I cancel my association with Monitium?

You may do so at any time, but if you’re a serious network marketer, the thought will never cross your mind.

4) Question:
How is the Geneology inserted into a new Portfolio Company?

Monitium’s proprietary technology platform handles this complicated process with ease. Monitium spared no expense in building out a very robust system which took over a year to design.

5) Question:
Concept is Huge, but I have a hard time representing just one Company right now, much less representing multiple at the same time, not to mention the cost of autoship..so how can this work for me?

You'll only be representing one company, Monitium. Both you and your team will only be recruiting into your Monitium business through your Monitium business building website. You and your team will never need to recruit into a portfolio company directly, so you'll never need to talk, or worry about who has the best compensation plan, vitamin, lotion, juice, weight loss product, etc... which is what most new network marketers struggle with.

Instead, you'll now be able to show your prospect a unique MLM wealth building system, with a complete stand alone platform that partners with the best MLM companies in the industry to create an unmatched opportunity. Monitium even has a seamless connection to our portfolio companies, so everything is handled and tracked through your Monitium business portal. And even though we're not an MLM company, we provide our Associates with a "state of the art" robust backoffice and full genealogy platform to manage and track their teams growth.

Instead of finding a company and then struggling to build your team (which is what 99% of people do currently and thus fail), we first help you build your team within Monitium's stand alone genealogy platform, where our team of experts educate and train you and your team for success. After your team has reached a size which would be profitable (average time frame from immediate to 4 weeks depending on your commitment level), you insert your team structure into one or all of Monitium's portfolio Companies. This system allows both you and your team members to win and be in profit from Day One!

6) Question:
Are the fees to join a Portfolio Company different when joining through Monitium?

Yes, Monitium’s Leadership Team negotiates on your behalf to save you money on multiple items within participating portfolio companies. Your savings will range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings each year. We can accomplish this because of our team’s power in the MLM market place. You could compare it to the power Costco or Sam’s Club when they negotiate with their food vendors.

7) Question:
What do I get with my membership with Monitium?

If you were to pay separately for each of the services that will be included with your Monitium membership, it would cost you close to $1,000.00 each month. Consider the cost of Constant Contact, Auto-responders, 800 numbers and the list goes on and on…. We invite you to research and find out what our services would cost if purchased individually in the market place.

8) Question:
How often will Monitium add a new Portfolio Company?

There is no stead fast time frame, but we expect a new portfolio company to be added every 4 months or 3 companies per year.

9) Question:
What happens when a Portfolio Company is introduced to Monitium?

After a portfolio company has been approved an announcement is sent out to the Monitium community letting everyone know the information on the company. Along with that announcement there will be a date that that the company will be added to our portfolio selection. After Monitium completes the uploading of our team genealogy, all members will be notified and will then have 7 days to either “opt in” and secure their position within the portfolio company, or “opt-out” which will cause them to be purged from the portfolio companies genealogy records.