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The Wisdom of Monitium Conference Call
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST

Join Advisory Board members Mary Lou Venable and Elaine Venable Stapleton on an interactive conference call and... bring your questions!

Mary Lou and Elaine have their own winning style that has made them very successful -- and they are committed to YOUR success! Here are some of the topics they will discuss:

.. Why Monitium, and why now
.. The importance of every person involved
.. Why we need to expect and embrace change
.. How to make a full-time income from pennies, nickels, and dimes
.. How this business is just like the world of sports
.. and much, much, more!

This will be fun and motivating, so please join us!

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075
Access code: 335718

To use Skype for calling into the conference calls (with no telephone charges), add "freeconferencing" to your contacts. At the scheduled time of your conference call, select ‘freeconferencing’ and click the Call button. Once the call is connected, locate the key pad and enter the access code followed by the pound (#) key when prompted.

(To locate the Skype keypad to enter your access code, select the contact first and then the green Dial button to connect the call. In the same area as the Dial button, next to the volume control to the right, you will see a round drop down icon. Click on the icon and select Display Keypad from the drop down menu. When prompted, enter your access code using the Skype keypad followed by the # key.)

The Leader Mindset with Jim Bellacera
Thursday, January 20, 2011 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST

Join Monitium co-founder Jim Bellacera, as he speaks with industry experts from around the globe. Through Jim's interviews each week, you will... hear about the path that each leader has taken, learn from their insight and experience, and gain an in-depth understanding of why they've chosen to align themselves with Monitium, and why now!

Please click on the link below to access this "Live" Event!

Monitium Success System Training
Saturday, January 22, 2010 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Learn how to start using and maximizing our fantastic Monitium Success System -- the most comprehensive and integrative business center and marketing system ever created! Hosted by our top-tier development team, we will walk you through the entire system, and teach you and your team how to get the most out of this incredible platform of tools. Bring your questions!

The Monitium Success System is the backbone and work-horse of our entire Monitium business. It has -- and we will continue to develop -- every tool you will need to market and operate a multi-million dollar organization. But it is also one of the many selling points of marketing your Monitium business and joining your team! Our System is already getting accolades, so make sure you learn how to get the most out of it -- it will simplify your life, make you more efficient, help your team grow quickly, and give you another benefit to introduce to your Monitium prospect!

Please click on the link below to access this "Live" Event!

Monitium CEO Ken Eggleston 'Live'!
Sunday, January 23, 2010 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST

Monitium's CEO, founder and visionary, Ken Eggleston speaks about the creation, opportunity, and vision of Monitium -- the revolutionary new paradigm for the Network Marketing Industry.

SPECIAL UPDATE WEBINAR! Here are some of the topics to be covered:

* date wowgreen International enrollments go live
* new application overview
* new binary placement process overview, and...


This will be a fully active webinar, so you'll want to be in front of your computer screen so you can view all of these important updates as Mr. Eggleston goes over each one.

Hear the inspiration and the years of experience, thought and foresight which led to the creation of Monitium. Ken is a fantastic speaker and leader, and it's imperative for your business that you understand what brought us all together in Monitium and why everyone in the Network Marketing industry will soon experience the incredible impact that will be felt the world over. We will open it up to questions at the end.


"This is the sexiest looking system and back-office I've ever seen! You folks have outdone yourselves. There's so many useful tools already, I can't wait to see what's coming."- Brandon Wright

"Ken Eggleston is a person and leader of the highest caliber that I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. His integrity and vision is humbling and I feel very fortunate that we have his guidance at the very top of Monitium."
- Ryan Vanderpool, MLM Legend

"Finally, the TEAM -- not a company -- is the FOCUS. Monitium will be the biggest force in the network marketing arena. This is a HOME RUN!"
- Jimmy Hodges

"I am blown away with this system. I wish to thank you very much. This will bless millions."
- Ronny C. Kirkland

We look forward to seeing you there!

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