How Does It Work?


Welcome to Monitium, the Game Changer in the MLM industry. We are the # 1 Business Solution for both new and veteran network marketers who are looking to protect, as well as, create secure wealth that will last a lifetime and beyond. Monitium was conceived by top earning network marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and home based business specialists to bring a paradigm shift to the MLM industry as it exists today.

Monitium is a complete game changer that uses a proprietary platform to support you and our industry as a whole. Associates that join us will experience a much faster growth spike in their MLM incomes... While that's a bold statement, we can back it up as we have absolutely created the most profitable and secure wealth building platform in the MLM arena today. When you partner with Monitium, the MLM company(s) are no longer in control of your destiny, YOU ARE!

The Leadership Team of Monitium is comprised of MLM multi-million dollar industry earners and other industry experts. They envisioned Monitium and then worked tirelessly to bring it to the market place. Our Leadership Team has over 300 years experience in the industry as well as extensive expertise in all the areas necessary to help you build a wealth legacy for you and your family.

What is Monitium you ask?

Let's first start off by telling you what we're not. Most importantly, we're not an MLM company, nor do we compete with any MLM company. Instead, Monitium negotiates on behalf of our Associates to structure relationships with progressive and forward thinking MLM companies. In doing so, Monitium protects our Associates long-term business objectives and significantly reduces their risk.

Monitium was created to protect the financial assets of professional network marketers, as well as, offering unmatched universal industry training and support. Monitium's extremely proud to recognize and offer the woman entrepreneur around the globe, a Women's Business and Personal Development section for our lady Associates. "MNOW", Monitium's Network of Women was built by women for women and is unmatched in the industry!

Monitium is here to support both the established network marketer with a team of thousands, as well as, the brand new person just starting out. Our industry changing proprietary platform encompasses all the necessary functionality to ensure that you and your team have the finest support, back office and marketing systems available in the industry today. Monitium was designed to give network marketing professional's control over their most important asset...their genealogy!

While this may sound simple in concept, it's not, nor has it ever been done before on this grand of a scale. In essence, you'll build your team once inside Monitium's proprietary platform and have it last longer than your lifetime. We have structured your Monitium business so it's fully willable, as well as, sellable should you ever choose that option. Imagine real long term security of your MLM genealogy, it's been impossible until now!

Imagination, Forward Thinking and Strategic Planning Equals Winning Big:

The only way to increase your current MLM income is to increase the size of your team in any given company, which takes a lot of effort. The concept of a single product from a single company was "best practice" up until now.

Do you want limitations on your ability to create wealth? 

Of course not, but that's exactly the position you're currently in if you represent only one company. It's time to supercharge your MLM income stream. It's time to embrace a new way of winning in this great industry by becoming an Associate with Monitium and participate in our dynamic portfolio wealth building platform.

What will you be offering to others as a Monitium Associate?

The best combination of all, yourself and the Monitium way of doing business! Once you fully understand the simplicity and ease of what this will mean for both you and your team, you'll wish we'd made this available years ago!

Your first major step in securing long-term financial success is to stop fixating on any one MLM company or their product(s) and start focusing on your business by branding yourself within the Monitium proprietary platform. Our members first share the industry changing concept of Monitium, which is then further supported by our active portfolio partners. If you're beginning to understand the big picture, you'll see that the value is in the people on your team and not in any one company or their products,as they can come and go based upon consumer needs and trends.

A Question That Could Be Raised By An Inexperienced Networker When Looking At Our Program For The First Time Might Be: "Concept Is Huge, But I Have A Hard Time Representing Just One Company Right Now, Much Less Representing Multiple At The Same Time, So How Can This Work For Me?"

You'll only be representing one company, Monitium. Both you and your team will only be recruiting into your Monitium business through your Monitium business building website. You and your team will never need to recruit into a portfolio company directly, so you'll never need to talk, or worry about who has the best compensation plan, vitamin, lotion, juice, weight loss product, etc... which is what most new network marketers struggle with.

Instead, you'll now be able to show your prospect a unique MLM wealth building system, with a complete stand alone platform that partners with the best MLM companies in the industry to create an unmatched opportunity. Monitium even has a seamless connection to our portfolio companies, so everything is handled and tracked through your Monitium business portal. And even though we're not an MLM company, we provide our Associates with a "state of the art" robust backoffice and full genealogy platform to manage and track their teams growth.

Instead of finding a company and then struggling to build your team (which is what 99% of people do currently and thus fail), we first help you build your team within Monitium's stand alone genealogy platform, where our team of experts educate and train you and your team for success. After your team has reached a size which would be profitable (average time frame from immediate to 4 weeks depending on your commitment level), you insert your team structure into one or all of Monitium's portfolio Companies. This system allows both you and your team members to win and be in profit from Day One!

Monitium's Genealogy Structure:

Monitium's Leadership Team and Advisory Board Members elected to build Monitium's internal genealogy as a Binary / Unilevel Hybrid structure. The Binary allows for rapid team spillover growth on the "common leg" with your upline in our global community, combined with a Unilevel "backend" for tracking Generational Sponsorship. This "Binary / Unilevel Hybrid" structure is hands down the best performing compensation plan in the industry and it's used by the fastest growing MLM companies today. Not surprisingly, these companies also pay out the most money to their distributors since the Binary / Unilevel Hybrid is by far the most lucrative structured compensation plan in the industry today.

In the above example, you can see that the same team members appear in both the Binary and Unilevel structures. The Binary structure is used by companies to track weekly auto-shipments and new purchases to unlimited depths on your team and then pay you a weekly commission on a percentage of that volume.

The Unilevel is used by companies to track generational sponsorships starting with a person you've personally sponsored and then continuing down a certain number of generations deep on your team like a family tree. The company then pays you a monthly check match on each person within those "generations". The combination of the Binary and Unilevel make this a financial win for all those involved!

Over time, Monitium's Leadership Team and Advisory Board will continue to identify new MLM Companies to add to our portfolio offerings. We won't be leaving one MLM company to go with another MLM company (which is what we see happening all too often in our industry these days). Instead we will simply "add" the new MLM Company to our teams' portfolio offerings. In other words, you will be enrolled in "multiple companies" at the same time with your same group.

This allows you to earn double, triple, quadruple, etc... money from your "single" team because you've positioned yourselves in multiple opportunities simultaneously. This business strategy magnifies your earning potential by using the work you performed once to create multiple revenue streams from multiple companies. The Fast Start Bonuses in each company will easily allow you and your team to recoup the enrollment cost, so no real financial expense will be incurred upon enrolling in a new company In short, you're in a positive cash flow from each portfolio company day one!

  • If you're currently a $500.00 monthly residual earner today in one company, than you'll at least quadruple that income to $2,000 a month if you build the same size time within Monitium's platform and have positioned that team in just four portfolio companies
  • If you're a $1,000.00 monthly residual earner, than you'll at least quadruple yourself to a $4,000.00 monthly income if you build the same size team within Monitium's platform and have positioned that team in just four portfolio companies.
  • If you're a $5,000.00 monthly residual earner, than you'll at least quadruple yourself to a $20,000.00 monthly income if you build the same size team with Monitium's platform and have positioned that team in just four portfolio companies
  • If you're a $10,000 monthly residual earner, than you'll at least quadruple yourself to a $40,000.00 monthly income if you build the same size team within Monitium's platform and have positioned that team in just four portfolio companies.
  • If you're a $50,000 monthly residual earner, than you'll at least quadruple yourself to a $200,000.00 monthly income if you build the same size team within Monitium's platform and have positioned that team in just four portfolio companies.


Monitium's Leadership Team and Advisory Board identifies the most preeminent MLM Companies to partner with based on the company's integrity, corporate leadership, products and compensation plan. We along with our team of experts, then conduct:

  • Extensive background checks on ownership
  • Full review on the financial health of the company
  • Review of future vision and direction of company
  • Compensation Plan Payout
  • Merchant Accounts

If they pass our initial investigative phase, we then enter into negotiations with the MLM company to identify if there's a mutual opportunity that can significantly benefit all involved. Once this process is complete, and if approved, we add the MLM company to Monitium's portfolio of MLM businesses.

Then, at your discretion, you and your team can engage in this new portfolio company. Never again will network marketers be at the mercy of any one company or have to move from one company to another, sacrificing their hard earned income and losing valued team members. Your Monitium team will truly be the last MLM team you'll ever need to build to ensure your future wealth.

Monitium is already being described by industry professionals as the ultimate "MLM wealth creation vehicle" because of its unique platform. Just as you would never place all of your savings in one stock investment, nor should you invest all your effort and time in just one MLM company, which may or may not stand the test of time. Monitium's brilliant portfolio strategy dilutes your risk and maximizes your potential for gain. The Monitium platform ensures that you will build a business that lasts a lifetime as you embrace the next Millennium with Monitium!

Your Next Step Should Be Clear, Join Monitium Today and Lock Your Position In Our Permanent Binary Genealogy! 

Then call other MLM leaders and invite them on to your team before they take a permanent position on another leader's team. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain... It's Your Move!

Welcome To Monitium - The Next Millennium.

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