Monday, October 4, 2010

Monitium Network Of Women | What The Women In The Industry Need To Know

“A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.” Marge Piercy, American novelist

Tonight was a very significant night for the women in this wonderful Industry. It marked the first "live" conference call for... "MNOW -- Monitium's Network of Women"

Women for the first time will have a global community to impact this industry and the world.
Women will be able to pursue their passions and build their wealth.

There are so many passionate and purposeful Women and YOU have the opportunity to build this community and represent Women and provide a home for the women of the Network Marketing Industry and live to their highest potential and calling.

The Monitium Management team has given us the opportunity to impact millions of women and you are here at the BEGINNING.

For Treasure Milinovich, the Founder of was the only other option for building another team in this industry. She had already built 3 previous teams and did not want to continue building yet another team, which you are ultimately building for someone else and it can be taken away.

"You are sacrificing time with yourself and your family, to build a business that will create the dream of FREEDOM. But, the truth of the industry is that no one is living that dream."

Women are loyal to a company, the product, their team.. but, what you must ultimately look at is why you are working so hard and who are you being loyal to.

Why are each of us doing this?

Remember the dream….why did you get started in the first place?
Working for one company, are you setting your people up for their success?

This Monitium platform provides the very best chance for this freedom that we all deserve and desire.
There is no other platform that can do this.
You can build this business for you, your children and your grandchildren.

The Women of this industry are looking to build more than just a network marketing business.

Women Are A Force To Be Reckoned With In The Industry... 
So What Are We Doing About That ?

Monitium offers you access to some of the finest marketing systems available today. And if that wasn't enough, the MNOW (Monitium's Network of Women), has been conceived just for women.

We are talking total women's empowerment here, combined with cutting edge business teachings. If you're a guy reading this, you might be wondering why we have a special section for ladies only.

That's easy to explain. Today, women are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment within the home based industry and they make (or have significant influence), on 85% of the decisions involving finances within the majority of the world's population bases.

Women deserve to be recognized for what they are, an economic powerhouse which is taking the network marketing industry by storm.

Did you know that women now make up 7 out of every 10 new home based entrepreneurs?

Find out More about the Monitium Network of Women...

  • We will be coming from a deep place of heart. It is the desire to bring the women to be more, have more and do more by bringing harmony to their lives.
  • The Monitium Women’s Network will be bringing experts in the area of body, mind & spirit to give women a safe place to grow and share your unique gifts and talent to the world.
Treasure wants women to uncover their true passion.
  • As Members, we will build stability in our financial lives and then give our energy to making this planet a better place.
  • Treasure can say with all of her heart that this platform and community will give women a chance to live a free life to teach, share and be who you are suppose to be.
  • All women coming to this platform will uncover their voice and their platform to teach.
  • The Monitium Women’s Network will be bringing experts in the area of body, mind & spirit to give women a safe place to grow and share your unique gifts and talent to the world.
One of the things that we want to make sure is that this IS A COMMUNITY...and all of Monitium is about building this team and coming from a higher vision and a higher purpose and leaving the competition at the door.

For so long, Women tried to or felt like they had to become like men to become successful…. More hardened to get in the boardroom. Women now realize that it is OK and very POWERFUL to be a women and tap into the feminine energy and be a women while growing your business. It is about tapping into that collective feminine energy and supporting each other as we grow versus looking at it as a competition.

Most times, women have competed with each other…. Who looks better, sounds better, is more successful and there was a wall in Women’s Groups.

Women can come together and if we do come together in a nuturing, supportive and loving way, we can go beyond what we have ever done to help other women. Women who have found their voice, their purpose it is their responsibility to give to other women and men that support and power to help them find their voice and passion.

If you can empower, heal a women you can change the world, state, country, family, etc. Women have so much more to offer.

Women have different desires, needs, different things that bring us together as a community that is different. By creating this network, a safe place to learn from other women who have found their voice, passion and purpose.

Research is big on Women’s Empowerment Communities. It is found on certain teams. There are many women within a company that are developing within their own companies, teams, structures but, they are limited by the company, product and by coming into the Monitium Platform, grasping what we are doing and utilitizing our product which is the COMMUNITY, we open ourselves up to taking on the world.

Do you want to do something really big ?

Do you want to impact a lot of people ?

To do this we must open up our mind, our hearts and find other like-minded people.
Become a part of this incredible movement NOW!

There will be a Monitium Network Of Women call every Monday evening.

Do you want to be empowered, enlightened, uplifted and inspired ?

You can always find a current webinar listed on the page below or just ask me for the next available webinar..

If I can answer any of your questions about MONITIUM, please just message me with your phone number and best time to reach you and I will call you directly.

THIS is not MLM but it is a MODEL OF SUCCESS.

Become a part of History Today...

To OUR success,
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