Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monitium Network of Women | Calling ALL Empowered Entrepreneurial Women

"The world will be saved by the Western Woman." Dalai Lama

Company Overview:
The Network of Women was created to give women a safe-haven to learn, share and grow within a community of positive, supportive, empowered entrepreneurial women.

We are creating a global community of purposefully driven women to empower 1 million women to reclaim their voice and rediscover their passion to make a positive impact in our world.

Women make up 70% of all distributors in the MLM industry yet are grossly under-represented in leadership. We are committed to leading the movement of women’s collective voices being heard in a male dominated industry and beyond.

The unique challenges that women entrepreneurs face today are the key motivation to developing this community. Our desire is to attract the best women leaders and the brightest women striving to be leaders.

Women have long suppressed their own femininity in business fearing that this side of themselves will hinder their possibility of success. Our community focuses on reclaiming the boundless possibilities available by recognizing the gift of being a woman.

Along with that gift comes the daunting task of being so much to so many, often neglecting you and your dreams. To rise to your very best it’s essential to find balance between yourself and all of the roles you play. By focusing on the whole you including body, mind, and spirit you are able to bridge these parts of your life. To help you with this we have focused our tools, techniques and expert input around the areas of leadership, goal achieving, visualization, meditation, self-love, empowerment, healthy eating, exercise, and much more.

Those aspiring to enhance their leadership skills and develop a deeper understanding of their own purpose can learn from some of the best in the areas of networking, marketing, personal development, and health and wellness. Through online forums, in-person weekly community meetings, and live regional events you will develop meaningful relationships with like-minded women, feeling safe to uncover and share your dreams.

We are committed to women sharing their passion and reaching a new level of personal and professional success.

Watch the following brief video by MNOW Founder Treasure Millinovich and see and hear her passion and committment..

You won't be sorry and you'll never look back!

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N = Network
O = Of
W = Women

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