Saturday, October 2, 2010

Do You Really Need ALL Those Programs ? | Monitium Success System

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." ~ Jim Rohn

It seems as though EVERY 20 minutes or so I hear from another online friend about this new program or that new program.
They say things like, "get in FAST, I'm #4 or I'm #15"

Then, the next day, the same friends are promoting something new.

Then, they have to contact ALL those same people again to see if they want to join the "new program"... it seems as though their time could be spent in a more productive way.

Plus, when you promote sooooo... many programs, not only do you lose FOCUS, but people are going to ask, "WHY are you jumping around so much, isn't anything working?

Throw enough programs at the wall and see what sticks...

Please, do yourself a favor and pick ONE company and give it your BEST shot and FOCUS or pick one or two Affiliate programs and do the same thing. Especially, if you are building your business part-time online.

Every time you JUMP from one Company to another or one program to another, you are adding to the attrition that we already face in the Industry. Always looking for the NEXT BIG THING...

Believe me, I LOVE Multiple streams of income just as much as the next guy or gal... But, there is a MUCH better way to accomplish that and leverage your time while doing so.

You say, " I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket" ... Well, you don't have to...BUT, BUILD your multiple streams of income in a way that will give you the best chance for SUCCESS!

You NEED to take a look at Monitium...

What is Monitium you ask?

Let's first start off by telling you what we're not. Most importantly, we're not an MLM company, nor do we compete with any MLM company.

Monitium was created to protect the financial assets of professional network marketers, as well as, offering unmatched universal industry training and support.

Monitium's extremely proud to recognize and offer the woman entrepreneur around the globe, a Women's Business and Personal Development section for our lady Associates. "MNOW", Monitium's Network of Women was built by women for women and is unmatched in the industry!

Monitium is here to support both the established network marketer with a team of thousands, as well as, the brand new person just starting out.

Monitium was designed to give network marketing professional's control over their most important asset...their genealogy!

The only way to increase your current MLM income is to increase the size of your team in any given company, which takes a lot of effort. The concept of a single product from a single company was "best practice" up until now.

You'll only be representing one company, Monitium.

Both you and your team will only be recruiting into your Monitium business through your Monitium business building website. You and your team will never need to recruit into a portfolio company directly, so you'll never need to talk, or worry about who has the best compensation plan, vitamin, lotion, juice, weight loss product, etc... which is what most new network marketers struggle with.

Instead, you'll now be able to show your prospect a unique MLM wealth building system, with a complete stand alone platform that partners with the best MLM companies in the industry to create an unmatched opportunity.

Instead of finding a company and then struggling to build your team (which is what 99% of people do currently and thus fail), we first help you build your team within Monitium's stand alone genealogy platform, where our team of experts educate and train you and your team for success.

Would you like more information OR to get started with this Innovative, Unique, Industry Changing, Paradigm Shifting, History Making Movement NOW ?

This is a MAJOR GAME changer in the networking world. We are doing a LEADER pre-align right now. This 27 minute VIDEO is best described as "ABOUT TIME"

Please join us for one of our daily webinars and hear why Monitium is the most powerful paradigm shift to ever hit the Network Marketing Industry, and how this revolutionary new platform will change your financial future.

You can always find a current webinar listed on the page below or just ask me for the next available webinar..

If I can answer any of your questions about MONITIUM, please just message me with your phone number and best time to reach you and I will call you directly.

THIS is not MLM but it is a MODEL OF SUCCESS.

Welcome To Monitium - The Next Millennium.

Are you a visionary ?
Are you ready to take a leap of faith ?
Don't over-analyze this...seeing IS believing!

Become a part of History Today...

To OUR success,
Skype: healthysuccess

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