Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are You Tired Of Losing Your Top LEADERS and Downline To Other Opportunities?

With the advent of the internet and the latest and greatest "pre-launch" of the week, MLM Distributors are moving around and jumping ship like never before in an effort to "get in at the top" so to speak, and get rich quick.

The power of the Internet hasn't helped the masses win at the MLM wealth creation game. In fact, the Internet has created a frenzy of MLM hoppers, which has created chaos in the industry.

The Internet has not just changed the MLM business model it has broken it for good. Downline attrition is the number one problem in MLM right now.

The MLM industry has become obsessed with "pre-launches", and "the next big thing."

Thousands of new MLM's launch every year thanks to the Internet.

But there are only so many Distributors to go around.

This is the current world of the 'Pre-Launch.' This is when a Company will try to catch the attention of networkers, and steer them away from their current opportunity with the promise of "getting in at the top" or "getting in on the ground floor."

Unfortunately, they will be off on the NEXT newest ground floor opportunity that promises to build an instant downline in a blink of an eye.

These days,you will find many Companies imploring you to "Lock in your spot" and pre-build your team and make money when the Company goes live.The problem there is that the Company just wants to stack as many possible Distributors as possible into their geneology. But, when the time comes to activate, where have all the Potential Distributors gone ? Why haven't they joined ? Why don't you have the large team that was promised ?

Well, in the time it takes to launch, too many other opportunities have come along and now you are left with your autoship and NO downline.

And before you know it, the game starts all over again.

Another shiny new MLM will launch in about 6-9 months or much sooner, and when it does, many Distributors, including your own Leaders scramble to find their position with the new Company, destroying their old company from the bottom up in the process.

This has resulted in vicious fights between these companies over a dwindling supply of warm bodies.

Unfortunately this will not change anytime soon. Information is too readily available and puts a down line, that you technically don't even own, in major jeopardy.

So what can you do about it?

Well, you can continue to go on with the old methods and build a MLM downline but the risks far outweigh the benefits these days based on the above alarming trends.

What is your most valuable business asset?

Besides YOU, I'm sure you'd agree that its your TEAM of course, right?

Who do you think controls your most valuable asset, you or your MLM company? You probably guessed it, in the existing industry model the MLM company does!

If you leave the company for any number of reasons (voluntary or involuntary), do you think they'll print off a full copy of your genealogy for you? No way.. But wait, wasn't this YOUR business?

I know leaders in this industry are burnt out and tired. I know they are fed up with working around the clock and giving their blood sweat and tears for people who will leave them at a drop of a dime if something comes along that might be slightly better on appearance

Is there a better way to give both YOU (the distributor), and the MLM company a more harmonious and fair relationship, which would allow us to create a Win/Win for everyone?

But, NOW there is a solution for attrition in the Industry...Monitium !

Monitium is already being described by industry professionals as the ultimate "MLM wealth creation vehicle" because of its unique platform. Just as you would never place all of your savings in one stock investment, nor should you invest all your effort and time in just one MLM company, which may or may not stand the test of time.

Monitium's brilliant portfolio strategy dilutes your risk and maximizes your potential for gain. The Monitium platform ensures that you will build a business that lasts a lifetime as you embrace the next Millennium with Monitium!

Then, at your discretion, you and your team can engage in multiple new portfolio Companies. Never again will Network Marketers be at the mercy of any one company or have to move from one company to another, sacrificing their hard earned income and losing valued team members.

Your Monitium team will truly be the last MLM team you'll ever need to build to ensure your future wealth.

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THIS is not MLM but it is a MODEL OF SUCCESS.

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