Monday, October 11, 2010

From The Desk Of Ken Eggleston CEO | Meet The Monitium Advisory Board

Dear Friends & Monitium Associates,

Wow, what an exciting time it is right now for all of us!  We’re only a few weeks into Monitium’s “invitation only” VIP enrollment phase, and the reception from around the globe has been nothing short of staggering.

We’ve already had 4 times the number of enrollments that we had anticipated during the first 30 days of our VIP enrollment phase, and we’re barely at the twenty-two (22) day mark as I write this letter to you.  Additionally, within Monitium’s genealogy, I now see the names of more than 50 top high six (6) and solid seven (7) figure MLM earners.  Never in the history of our great industry has such a gathering of MLM TITANS taken place. Clearly Monitium’s Protected Genealogy & Success System have struck a chord with these leaders and they’re embracing Monitium as a platform whose time has come.

I’m also very pleased that we’ve opened 20 countries in our first 3 weeks, and that we will be completely global with unrestricted enrollment opportunities for you in the very near future.  Those who take action now will quickly realize a team that spans the globe in short order, as well as an unrivaled income producing vehicle through our affiliated MLM companies. While this is all incredible news and worthy of an email itself, my primary reason for writing to you today is that I want to begin introducing Monitium’s esteemed Advisory Board members to you.  

Over the coming weeks you’ll gain an understanding of each member’s background.  Not only have these industry legends chosen to endorse Monitium’s game changing platform, but they will also be assisting us in shaping the culture of our company in the years ahead.

With this type of a leadership team in place, and a “who’s-who” list of top MLM earners, Monitium is clearly poised to grow beyond 100,000 associates in our first eighteen (18) months.  The only remaining question is: How many of those 100,000 plus will be on your team?

The prominent and knowledgeable individuals who are associating their names and faces with Monitium are a clear testimony that you’re in the right place at the right time.

I’d like to now introduce you to one of the true legends of our industry, Mr. Paul Morris…

To Your Success!
Ken Eggleston
Monitium Founder & CEO

Paul Morris has been a powerhouse in the Network Marketing Industry for over thirty years and currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for eXfuze, a highly respected network marketing company based in the United States.  Paul brings a wealth of industry knowledge to Monitium from both the MLM corporate perspective, as well as the field distributor who’s out making it happen every day in the trenches.

Paul was one of the highest level producers of all time for Amway and then afterwards, California Trim.  During the past 25 years, Paul has been instrumental in taking five different start-up MLM companies from zero to $15 million per month in sales.  With one of those companies, he set records by enrolling more than 100,000 people in less than 90 days.  He is an engaging speaker and has a passion for charity work in third-world nations.  Paul is a true pioneer in this industry: he introduced conference calling, fax on demand, and created the first voice mail recruiting system ever.  

He even produced the first video recruiting tape and coined the expression “push play”.  He has set — and then broken — his own records in business building and income generation.

Monitium is grateful to have Paul’s servant leader perspective on our board.

Rod " MLM Watchdog" Cook

Everyone in the MLM world knows and respects Rod Cook.  He’s often referred to as “The MLM Godfather”.  He’s been involved in network marketing for four decades, during which time he has fought tirelessly to help and protect distributors and expose unscrupulous companies.  He has served the industry in many different ways, including acting as a Chairman of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association, and co-founding the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.  But he’s probably best known as the outspoken editor of ‘The MLM Insider’ magazine which has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, as well as in Success magazine, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal.

Rod continues to keep a watchful eye on the MLM world through the MLM WatchDog, which every major player in the industry subscribes to.  This web based publication helps track all companies and any active litigation, as well as any FTC (Federal Trade Commission), or U.S. State Attorney General Investigations.

It is truly an honor to have Rod actively serving on Monitium's Advisory Board, and his counsel will help ensure that we always take the proper steps to protect our Associates business interests.

Loral Langemeier will serve as Monitium’s Wealth Creation Expert. Loral is one of today's most dynamic and pioneering financial strategists, a best-selling author, and a leading motivational speaker.

Loral is the author of the national best-seller "The Millionaire Maker" and two other New York Times bestselling books. In addition to her sold-out workshops, she currently acts as a financial expert on the Dr. Phil Show, mentoring families in financial crisis. She also appeares frequently on CNN, CNBC and Fox News Channel; has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times; and on the web at,, and She is the creator of The Millionaire Maker Game®, a board game that teaches people how to build wealth through asset generating ventures.

It is truly an honor to have Loral serving on Monitium's Advisory board and helping guide our Associates with their long-term wealth creation planning.

Monitium's Chief Legal Advisor & Corporate Counsel

Scott Warren is recognized world-wide as one of the top MLM / Network Marketing attorneys. He specializes in the area's of organization and operation of Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance, and has counseled companies and distributors throughout the world on the proper operation of companies and day-to-day legal challenges. Scott has testified on Network Marketing issues on behalf of the United States Department of Justice in criminal cases. He has also successfully negotiated on behalf of MLM / Network Marketing companies with over 20 different U.S. State Attorney General’s offices. He has also litigated with, and successfully negotiated matters with the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Scott is the author of "Network Marketing and You, Legal Issues in Network Marketing". He has also co-authored another book with recognized industry expert Rod Cook (MLM Watchdog & Monitium Advisory Board member), which details the laws and issues in all 50 U.S. States. Scott has been featured as a panelist on legal issues in the industry with the Multi-Level Marketing International Association, as well as the Direct Sales Association (DSA), at their Legal Issues Conference.

Scott's role at Monitium is simple, "Protect Monitium's Associates in a Pro-Active Manner!"

Our Associate's should feel very pleased to know that a Network Marketing Legal Powerhouse like Scott Warren carefully reviews all legal agreements with our potential MLM affiliated companies prior to giving Monitium the "OK" to move forward with finalizing any agreements. Scott's legal review process ensures that Monitium is in a position to act as a powerful Advocate on behalf of our Associates, should it become necessary during a compliance investigation, or other matters that might negatively affect an Associate's business.

Never before has any entity in the MLM industry engaged as an Advocate at the level that Monitium does to protect your team and paycheck. Is it expensive to do all this? You bet! But Monitium is committed to delivering "over the top" value to each and every Associate, because we are on a mission to change the MLM industry and ensure that an equitable relationship finally exists between the MLM owner and the Professional Network Marketer.

Max Steingart

For more than 30 years, Max Steingart has been helping people make money with computers. Prior to his involvement in the network marketing industry, he created the world's largest database publishing company before the Internet existed. It became an INC 500 company, and his business innovations earned him accolades from two US Presidents. INC Magazine named him their Success Story of the Year in 1989.

Max is currently recognized as one the foremost worldwide experts on Social Media Internet prospecting and recruiting. He has been teaching the subject for over 15 years to hundreds of thousands of network marketers and home based business owners world-wide. Max's systems have revolutionized how you can grow a team within the direct sales industry. Max's sense of humor and easy teaching style make the entire prospecting and recruiting process more fun than work for everyone.

Max's credentials as a direct sales and network marketing expert come from his experiences in the field as a distributor, a recognized leader in his company with one of the largest groups, an Internet sales and marketing trainer for over 50 companies, a supplier member to all the Industry trade associations, a key note speaker, and a consultant to many companies. Over the past three years, Max has created the world's largest video training library, and his vast industry knowledge will be a tremendous asset to the Monitium Leadership Team!

Grayson Marshall, Jr., is a kingdom minded servant, inspirational leader, speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary who has traveled around the globe and inspired tens of thousands of people to live their lives to the fullest.

A former McDonald’s High School All-American, and a two-time college All-American, Team Captain, career assist leader and 2009 Hall of Fame inductee at Clemson University, Grayson learned the importance of teamwork and assisting others. Grayson pulls from over 40 years of experience - from being homeless to being one of the most sought-after entrepreneurial motivational speakers in the wellness, finance and sports industries. He is the author of two books - The Game Matters and Dad’s Unfinished Business.

“Coach Grayson” has been a six figure earner in the network marketing industry for more than one company and currently serves as a Presidential founder and Advisory Council President for WowGreen. Grayson believes the Monitium platform fully exemplifies the approach to empower and educate the masses for an opportunity to shift a paradigm.

We are very privileged to have Grayson as a member of our Advisory Board, and look forward to his contributions as Monitium transforms the Network Marketing industry for the Next Millennium.

Mary Lou Venable & Elaine Venable Stapleton


Mary Lou Venable
Mary Lou is a true LEGEND within the MLM world, and her leadership is felt globally. Mary Lou shattered the glass ceiling that existed in the early days of MLM, and she has paved a pioneering course for others to follow. Her attitude and approach to business is captured in this quote:

"The most important part of any business is to treat it like a business. A person can enjoy large returns even if the investment is small. One must remember that the seeds you sow will eventually grow into a success. If a person works it a little, then a little might be earned in return. If a person works diligently at the business, it will flourish."

Indeed Mary Lou's early conventional business ventures flourished, as she and her family owned and operated a high-end men's clothing store, with stores in four (4) states in the U.S.. It was during the early years of the clothing business that Mary Lou was introduced to a networking company called A.L Williams. It was during this time that she became licensed in Life, Health and Investments with Series 7, Series 63, and Series 6.

Thanks to her experiences with A.L. Williams, and later in working with NuSkin International and Rexall Showcase International, Mary Lou gained tremendous insight into the world of networking industry both as a distributor, and from inside company board rooms.

Here's a quick glimpse into Mary Lou's significant accomplishments within our industry: At Rexall, Mary Lou became the first woman to achieve the 10-Star Presidential Director, as well as shattering the "glass ceiling" within the company by becoming the first woman to serve on Rexall's Advisory Board. In addition to her leadership roles at NuSkin and Rexall, Mary Lou's MLM career has success story after success story. Her wealth of leadership experience as a top industry trainer, Master Distributor, and Presidential Advisory Board member for some of the most successful MLM companies in history will certainly be a huge asset to our Monitium Associates!

Elaine Venable Stapleton
Elaine always had a business state of mind, and her most rewarding experience is being in a business environment. She studied business at the University of Tennessee and Lincoln Memorial University. At the age of 16, Elaine acquired an amazing work ethic by working alongside her mother Mary Lou and her father Jerry in family business. She then went on to own and operate Elaine's Bridal and Formal Boutique by the age of 18. With a strong sales background, she oversaw all avenues of the business. She learned to create and nurture relationships with her clients and associates, both externally and internally, and become a strong problem solver.

Elaine has followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming incredibly successful in the Network Marketing industry and serving as a Master Distributor with a successful MLM company. Elaine, along with her mother, Mary Lou, look forward to the opportunity of being a part of Monitium's global expansion that will benefit every serious Network Marketer world-wide.

Besides working in the Network Marketing industry, Elaine enjoys helping others. She participates in many charitable organizations, such as March of Dimes, the American Cancer Society, and the Claiborne County Chapter. Elaine held a variety of fundraisers for company projects at Clayton homes, and she was a member on the Board of Directors at the All Saints Episcopal School in Morristown, TN.

Elaine and Mary Lou have great plans for Monitium and will also be serving on the leadership team of Monitium's Network of Woman. Monitium will gain enormously from their business wisdom and servant leadership philosophy.

With leaders of this caliber embracing the vision of Monitium, there is no doubt that we are poised to change the MLM industry!

Andries Johannesen (also affectionately known as "AJ" by his friends & colleagues), was born in the Netherlands and moved to Australia at the age of 12 with his family.

AJ's involvement in the profession of Network Marketing spans more than two decades. Like many others, he first was introduced to Amway and the circles some 30 years ago, but at that time he felt that the industry was not really appropriate for a successful entrepreneur in investment banking. Then, after some serious life challenges, AJ trained and consulted in personal development and promoted speakers like James Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki. It was then that the concepts of "leverage" and "empowerment" really hit home, and Andries' passion and commitment to the profession grew rapidly. Within a short time, AJ achieved success and financial freedom with MLM, far away from the traditional career track he had previously been on.

AJ has reached the highest rank in numerous companies with various products, including health supplements, jewelry, gold coins and telecommunications. He has built substantial global businesses with nearly every MLM compensation plan: Binary, Matrix, Breakaway, Unilevel, Party Plan and Hybrid. For AJ, it's really about the people and bringing out their best through mentoring and coaching while empowering them to fulfill their life's purpose. He is considered by his peers to be a working leader, one that represents the industry with integrity and a higher purpose, working tirelessly to benefit all that are involved in this wonderful thing we call Network Marketing!

Andries is on the short list of who to call when a U.S. company is interested in expanding into Europe, Asia and Australia. He has also made a major difference in thousands of people's lives by running the "You were Born Rich " workshop for companies and distributors. AJ is an active international member with the Distributor Rights Association (now The Association of Network Marketing Professionals).

Monitium will be depending on AJ's expertise to help ensure that our Affiliated MLM companies open quickly in as many international countries as possible!

Chris Cucchiara has been a dedicated entrepreneur for thirty years, a former world-class bodybuilder, and a recognized seasoned professional in both the fitness and Network Marketing industries. He coaches and mentors people in the areas of human and business development, leadership, and lifestyle management.

At the age of 21 Chris opened up the California Gym, which went on to become the most successful bodybuilding gym in Northern California. He grew his gym business from zero to over $1 million a year. Chris retired from the gym business in 1995 to become involved in Network Marketing. Because of his burning desire to succeed, he became one of the fastest growing distributors and income earners in his first company. Today, he comes to Monitium as a nationally recognized leader, having built large organizations and reaching the top pay plan in multiple companies. Through his mind-fit teaching philosophy, he has enjoyed seeing thousands of people reach entirely new levels of personal satisfaction, growth, and financial success.

Chris has been featured in both Success and Your Business at Home Magazines. He is also the author of LESSONS FROM THE GYM - Finding Purpose and Profit through Network Marketing, and the forthcoming book series LESSONS FROM THE GYM for Young Adults - 5 Secrets to Gaining Control of Your Life, and LESSONS FROM THE GYM - Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

It's an honor to have a recognized MLM leader like Chris as part of our Advisory board.

Stay Tuned for introductions to more Advisory Board Members in the coming days...

Monitium is growing very quickly, so take advantage of the time you have RIGHT NOW !

If I can answer any of your questions about MONITIUM, please just message me with your phone number and best time to reach you and I will call you directly.

THIS is not MLM but it is a MODEL OF SUCCESS.

You can always find an updated webinar schedule on my blog..

To your massive success,

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