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Why You Need Monitium Now | Monitium Success System

"We all have two choices:We can make a living or we can design a life."
~ Jim Rohn

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Why do I need Monitium now?”  Well, let me share some thoughts that will answer that question for you.

The # 1 profession that people are turning to worldwide during this economic downturn is Network Marketing and they're doing so in record breaking numbers. In the United States alone nearly 175,000 people per week are joining the industry and are responsible for over $30 Billion in yearly sales.

Worldwide the number is even more staggering with countries like Japan, S. Korea, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, India, Canada, Italy, Germany and Australia (plus many more), weighing in with another $84 Billion in yearly sales.

Over the past 60 plus years the Network Marketing industry has gone through several significant stages of evolution. The first stage was skepticism, which was then followed by legal challenges that claimed Franchises and MLM companies alike weren't legal. After being officially recognized as a legitimate business model through several court cases (most notable being the 1975 FTC action against Amway), MLM companies began to rapidly emerge and grow throughout the late 70s and 80's. Next came intensive competition between the different companies, which led to the creation of numerous new MLM pay plans (Unilevel, Matrix and Binary / Unilevel Hybrids, etc.) which are all still in use today.

The latest stage of evolution within the industry is truly a paradigm shift and over 65% (expected to increase to over 90% by 2012), of network marketers have already embraced it and are permanently changing their business strategies accordingly. This paradigm shift within the industry has occurred because of a now well recognized business philosophy called "multiple streams of income". This business philosophy has been crystallized in the minds of home based business entrepreneurs over the last seven years by such noted authors as Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Robert Allen. Because of this new business philosophy it's now common to see most network marketers being actively involved in three or more non-competing MLM companies simultaneously (example: travel, nutrition, skin care, energy, etc).

Gone are the days of income tunnel vision or cult like behavior following only one company's directives. Its abundantly clear that network marketers have come to understand that there's no reason for them to be restricted to only one source of income, and one company's products, in a world driven by the internet and filled with tough product competition.

Your Reality Check: 

If you've spent any time in network marketing, chances are you've engaged in several opportunities. You may still think you actually own your MLM business, but think again, your most valuable asset is controlled by the ownership of your MLM company. At any point, because of their policies and procedures you signed, access to your most valuable asset can be taken away from you with no prior notice. Hard to believe? It shouldnt be, especially since it happens far too often. Is this fair or right? Of course not, but the independent distributor has had no choice but to play by the MLM companies one-sided rule book for 60 plus years. MLM company owners have been able to look at their distributors as 1099 "quasi-employees" that they can "suspend or terminate" if desired, rather than as independent business owners.

Consider for a moment just a few of the reasons why so many Network Marketers want income from multiple MLM sources. For starters, far too often network marketers have been left out in the cold, when their MLM company closed its doors unexpectedly, changed the comp plan (to many companies to list here), or even decided to sell the company and cash out (Again, to many companies to list).

Case in point:

Recently the industry watched in shock as one of the oldest and largest MLM companies in the world who specialized in skin care products filed for bankruptcy. They then followed their bankruptcy announcement with the termination of more than 150 of their top income earners. While this is not typical conduct amongst MLM companies within the industry, it none the less demonstrates how quickly your check can be taken away.

Keeping the above paragraph in mind, here's an important question for you to answer: 
  • What is your most valuable business asset? Besides YOU, I'm sure you'd agree that its your TEAM of course, right? 
  • Who do you think controls your most valuable asset, you or your MLM company? You probably guessed it, in the existing industry model the MLM company does! 
  • If you leave the company for any number of reasons (voluntary or involuntary), do you think they'll print off a full copy of your genealogy for you? No way But wait, wasn't this your business? 
Is there a better way to give both YOU (the distributor), and the MLM company a more harmonious and fair relationship, which would allow us to create a Win/Win for everyone?

We know there is and it's found within the world of Monitium. 

Welcome To Monitium - The Next Millennium. 

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