Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are You Struggling In Network Marketing ? | What Are You Going To Do About It ? | The Monitium Solution

As a new network marketer, you've most likely already pondered this question: Why are people skeptical about network marketing?

It's really very easy to understand since they’ve seen a lot of their acquaintances try it and few, if any have ever succeeded in making money. You need to understand that making real money in the MLM industry by working it the old fashioned way is hard...not impossible, but definitely hard and takes time, patience and a lot of personal resolve.

We've all heard of people spending tens of thousands of dollars to attend conventions and trainings sponsored by their respective MLM company in an attempt to become successful. However they still never discover a system that will allow them to start making real money.

Sadly, after 12 to 24 months of losing money, combined with mounting frustration, most people give up on their dreams and stop trying to build an MLM business because they think it's simply too difficult. Monitium’s process attempts to insure that this won't happen to you by keeping your costs low and by enabling your residual income to grow quickly. We accomplish this by putting our Associates 1st and the MLM companies 2nd.Our goal is to have our Associates in a positive cash flow within 30 days.

Even the power of the internet hasn't helped the masses win at the MLM wealth creation game. In fact, the internet has created a frenzy of MLM hoppers,which has created chaos in the industry.

But, NOW there is a solution for attrition in the Industry...Monitium !

Here's another important fact that you need to understand about our industry. All MLM companies proclaim to be the best (best compensation plan, best product, etc...). You first need to realize that the "best company" may not exist. There are simply above average, good and not so good companies to choose from, so don't fall in love with any one company!!!

You need to remember that you alone and not one particular MLM company must remain the focus here. You are the real product that's being sold here, which is then followed by the MLM companies' product. Many new MLM Home Based Entrepreneurs get this backwards and lose their own identity as a business owner because they're too busy promoting a particular MLM company or product. Monitiumhelps ensure that this won't happen to you by teaching you to brand / promote yourself and diversify your MLM portfolio, so you maximize YOUR earnings, not the MLM companies' earnings!

Have you considered how difficult it is to pick a good MLM company?

You might be unpleasantly surprised at just how hard it can be, especially since there are over 4,500 MLM company’s currently operating (plus nearly 20 new ones launching each month). With this in mind, how can a person whose unfamiliar with the MLM industry possibly know which company to select, or is it just timing or luck?

Who has the better compensation plan, product or training materials?
Which company will be in business 5 years from now?

These are serious questions that you need to have answered. This is where Monitium's Leadership Team and Advisory Board with well over 300 years of combined experience go to work for you. Monitium's group of industry experts know what to look for and carefully screen all potential MLM portfolio companies to ensure that our Associates have the best possible MLM companies to select from.

Now, you will see many Marketers out there that want to show you how to promote your MLM using a system. But, I don't think you will find one that is geared to promote YOU. Plus, with the brilliant Monitium platform, you won't need to promote your MLM. You can have Multiple streams of income and NEVER have to promote your MLM... JUST YOUR TEAM !!

I, for one would like to say..."IT'S ABOUT TIME!"

Would you like more information OR to get started with this Innovative, Unique, Industry Changing, Paradigm Shifting, History Making Movement NOW ?

This is a MAJOR GAME changer in the networking world. We are doing a LEADER pre-align right now. This 27 minute VIDEO is best described as "ABOUT TIME

Please join us for one of our daily webinars and hear why Monitium is the most powerful paradigm shift to ever hit the Network Marketing Industry, and how this revolutionary new platform will change your financial future. 

You can always find a current webinar listed on the page below or just ask me for the next available webinar..

If I can answer any of your questions about MONITIUM, please just  message me with your phone number and best time to reach you and I will call you directly. 

THIS is not MLM but it is a MODEL OF SUCCESS. 

Are you a visionary ?
Are you ready to take a leap of faith ?
Don't over-analyze this...seeing IS believing! 

Become a part of History Today... 

To OUR success,
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