Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Power of The Monitium Platform | The Power Of Leverage

"We all have two choices: We can make a living or we can design a life."~ Jim Rohn

This is such an exciting time now that our first Portfolio Company, WowGreen has been integrated, and Monitium Associates can start enrolling.  Below are some very important concepts to understand about wowgreen's compensation plan and commission payout. Your Monitium Leadership Team worked very hard to negotiate the very best payout for all Monitium Associates, and you can start earning commissions this week!

  • Zero enrollment cost (normal $59.95 WAIVED)
  • Backoffice Monthly Fees (WAIVED)
  • Reduced Product Pricing on WoWGo by 25% While Maintaining Same 25 BV (Bonus Volume)
  • Reduced Monthly AutoShip Requirement to Max Out Compensation Plan to Just 50 BV (Bonus Volume)
  • Increased Bonus Volume on $199.00 Fast Start Kit From 75 BV to 125 BV
  • Can Secure Binary Position With Just 25 BV AutoShip order
  • Negotiated "4 & You're Free" when autoship orders have the same products as your 4 personally sponsored associates

Being part of an amazing opportunity is one thing, however understanding how to maximize the opportunity right out of the gate is the fastest way to truly create a passive residual income.

How great is it to have experienced Leadership at the TOP of Monitium that will make sure that ALL Monitium Distributors are placed in the VERY BEST position to succeed with ALL Portfolio Business Success Partners!

How this works is simple...

As long as you are a "fully active" WowGreen independent distributor you have completed the first step in this amazing opportunity.  Before we move on, we need to explain the term "fully active".  Being fully active means that you are a WowGreen independent distributor that has an auto-ship set for a minimum of 50BV a month. Once an auto-ship is placed for a minimum of 50BV you have now met the first requirement to receiving your FREE Product.

This program is called "green 4, pay no more".

The next step is to have personally sponsored a minimum of just 4 people, who are also fully active and who are purchasing similar products.

It's that easy!!

A very important point to fully understand the power behind this program, is to note that even though product is being given for free, FULL commissions are paid on the free product -- just as if it were paid for.

The bottom line is... everyone has an opportunity to not only receive FREE products, but also earn profits by helping others go green!

We're working with WowGreen to develop a simple system within your WowGreen backoffice that will track the autoships of your personally sponsored associates, so there won't be any guess work involved on who's ordering what, to ensure that you're always qualified to be free!

This is the program you have always dreamed of. No hype, No BS, No "egos" getting in the way of our money. This is a distributor & marketing company made by Multi Millionaires in the industry. This will change the networking industry FOREVER! Not the product, not the service, not the "Ownership".

Its finally all about the TEAM!

Tonight was a very historic night for the Network Marketing Industry. The "NEXT" Millennium is officially underway with the announcement of the 1st portfolio partner...WOWGreen.

If you missed the historic webinar with Monitium CEO Ken Eggleston and WowGreen CEO Allie Mallad, you can catch it NOW...

You can watch the full webinar at:

It's game time everybody!  Make sure you get caught up on all of the announcements that Ken made on Sunday night's webinar and share the news with everyone you know!

Please visit my "NEW" tour site to view a series of informative brief videos by Industry legend ( my upline) Jim Bellacera and watch the "Monitium Advantage" presentation video, listen to the audios by the leaders and read the PDF Documents on what is happening here. You will have to fill in your contact info and then will be taken to the main site.

Please join us for one of our daily webinars and hear why Monitium is the most powerful paradigm shift to ever hit the Network Marketing Industry, and how this revolutionary new platform will change your financial future.

You can always find a current webinar listed on the page below or just ask me for the next available webinar..

THIS is not MLM but it is a MODEL OF SUCCESS.

Committed To Your Monitium Success!
Marc Korn
Network Marketing Coach
Serial Entreprenuer
Skype: healthysuccess
(800) 397-0254

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