Monday, November 8, 2010

Monitium Introduces Their First Partner In Success | WOWGreen

Tonight was a very historic night for the Network Marketing Industry. The "NEXT" Millennium is officially underway with the announcement of the 1st portfolio partner...WOWGreen.

If you weren't able to attend the webinar, here is some of what you missed..

So, let's take a quick look at where we stand while still in closed enrollment after just 45 days.

Snap Shot of Monitium
  • Successful launch of Monitium Success System and Monitium Website    
  • Attracted seasoned leaders from over 20 countries     
  • New culture of servant leadership; coined the “Monitium Movement
  • Over 20 MLM company Owners have reached out with interest to become a Partner in the Monitium Platform.
  • Advisory Board with 15 Recognized Legends in the Industry
  • Tonight, our 1st Portfolio Partner being WOWGreen 
  • 9 of the Products have received the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Design for health accreditation
  •  There are big issues on products claiming to be green but are not
  • Transfer Spending - Our design is to make sure that your $$$ are put to use where you spend them.  You already buy products and we are putting a natural product into your household.
  •  There are unlimited opportunities to teach people to transfer their spending to safe, toxic free products.  This is a global concern.
* Green Cleaning Division
* Green Health Division
* Green Cosmetic Division
* Green Commercial Division 
  • There are thousands around the world who have voiced their concern and now is the time to replace their households with non-toxic products
  • WowGreen is placing products into households with NEED-TO-HAVE products
  • WowGreen has been exposing the secret about toxic products for over 2 years now.
  • It is estimated that the chemical levels in your home can be 100 times higher than the outside air.
Many of the most trusted brand names are the biggest offenders.  Recent studies have shown that ingesting by accident through skin, inhaling can lead to long term side effects for your family, pets.  The public has a right to know if the products you use can cause sever asthma, respiratory illnesses, etc.

Our sewer systems are NOT equipped to handle the toxins and are passed into ground water, streams, drinking water and shower water.  There is NO escaping DIRECT or INDIRECT consequences.

GREEN IS THE NEW GOLD and people are slowly recognizing it.

Let's Hear From Allie Mallad – CEO & Founder of WowGreen

* 25 years of successful business experience and a true servant leader.

* Allie views Monitium’s platform as a significant game changer in the MLM industry and a tremendous # of substantial 5 figure earners will be created

* Allie has never seen anything more powerful than the network marketing industry..

* His job is to help us understand that we have positioned ourselves to be cutting edge.

* Predicts the eyes of the world will be upon 2 great companies and 2 phenomenal industry changing concepts will be off the charts.

* WowGreen has been validating the Monitium model and WowGreen was the 1st company to recognize it.

* Allie has committed his life to believing that 90% will embrace green lifestyles.

* People will turn to products offering an alternative to toxic chemicals.

* People will want to improve their lifestyle and pay if forward, be socially responsible, lead by example and make a global difference
* Associations of like-minded people will help build an organization that will change your life and your family’s lives and be a part of a movement that can transform the life of the planet.

* WowGreen has had major breakthroughs and has attracted powerful and influential people who want to free this world of toxic chemicals. 

WowGo - Also have first to market Blue/Green Algae with AFA … most nutritionally dense food on the planet with microscopic mechanisms that provide astonishing benefits.  Designed in 750 ML and will hold 1st and only shelf-stable AFA super fruit essence. 
This essence is a patent-pending process that allows it to safely clean your body.

* We know that the distributors will always be the foundation of our Success.  Successful distributor support systems MUST trickle down.  Recognize and compensate those who bring out the best and make a difference.  

* Creating a culture that PEOPLE come first.

* WowGreen is based on a foundation of success for their distributors

Allie's Vision over the next 5 years because of Monitium

Allie has preached collaboration, working together and has been blessed.
He has never seen anything more powerful than what has been created by Monitium to protect distributors and allowing them to build one last organization for life.

Allie has been a franchisee and a distributor but to have a company like Monitium and WowGreen who ARE a people company, will create unbelievable respect around the world.

He wants to pay-it-forward...teach people to teach people to create an independent lifestyle, to pass on to generations of family members.

  • NEW COUNTRIES:  Exploding ...will be 65 total countries open in the next few days.  Jumping from 20 to 65. Not bad since Monitium is just a 45 day old company.
  • Monitium wanted a model that would accelerate your income potential.
  • WowGreen has a 4 and you are FREE Program.
  • Watch for the December Release of 4 and you are FREE in Monitium
What Do You Get For That?

* Complete protected genealogy and the legal advocacy.
* Will show Monitium’s contract to act with other companies.
* Success system of tools
* Replicated Websites are ALL ahead of schedule
* December – 4 AND YOU ARE FREE
* Web conference, video email coming
* Much, much more
* Value will be over $300 per month

We are targeting and negotiating with MLM companies that have 4 and you are FREE programs.

If you have 4 personally enrolled people, you will be FREE in all the new MLM companies coming online and you will have ZERO bills coming in.

This is just a glimpse into some of the things going on at Monitium...this is just the very beginning of what promises to be an extremely SUCCESSFUL venture for all those visionaries that choose to get started now!

To OUR success,
(800) 397-0254

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