Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monitium CEO Ken Eggleston's MAJOR Announcements! | It's Game Time!

"We all have two choices: We can make a living or we can design a life."~ Jim Rohn

From the Desk of CEO and Founder, Ken Eggleston..
To our Leadership Team, Advisory Board Members and our Associates,

It has become apparent that Monitium is making such great strides toward becoming a global platform on a daily basis, that meeting with you once a week is not enough! My State of Monitium addresses just cannot keep you well enough informed on all that will be having a profound impact on your business in the upcoming days. Just suffice it to say that come next Monday, Nov. 8th, you're going to be very happy... but if you want all the details, you need to pre-register on the link below for our special call.

SUNDAY NIGHT ( NOV. 7th ) at 9PM EDT USA, there will be a very important call, which will include both myself and the CEO of WowGreen. This will be a monumental event for not only our two companies, but for the Network Marketing industry as a whole. So please be on the call, encourage ALL of your team members to be on the call, and invite anyone as a guest -- especially anyone who currently participates in the MLM Industry.

The agenda for the call is... "It's Game Time!"

  • Open discussion of the vision of WowGreen & Monitium as the first portfolio partnership
  •  Replicated Web sites with all accompanying features and tool sets
  •  3 Unique Lead Capture Pages
  •  Streamlined application process
  •  Opening up of more countries
  •  Special announcement.... can you guess what it will be????
CEO Ken Eggleston 'Live'
DATE: Sunday, November 7, 2010 (USA)

TIME: USA: 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific
London, England: 11/8* 2am
Sydney, Australia: 11/8* 1pm

Please click on the link below to access this "Live" Event!


Leaders recognize and understand that this is a pioneering concept, and that Monitium is clearly a pioneering company. Those who choose to align themselves with us on this incredible journey now, at the very beginning, will experience our learning curve and our growing pains (both internal and external) as it relates to Monitium's platform. But make no mistake about the fact that those who journey with us in these early days, will be the ones making history... and whose faces will be on the front cover or inside pages of Success Magazine, Your Business From Home, and other such industry publications. Monitium will be the game changer everyone will be talking about in 2011.

So I challenge each and everyone of you personally to not only be a part of this historic journey passively, but to also pro-actively engage in creating our future with your commitment and contributions to the Monitium movement now!

Lastly, as I write this, I'm truly humbled by the global acceptance from both industry leaders and Network Marketing owners alike, which has clearly validated the Monitium model. With this level of unprecedented acceptance from around the globe, exposing us to virtually unlimited opportunities to benefit all Monitium Associates, our entire executive team and staff have been literally overburdened. So please be patient, understanding, and most importantly recognize that every Monitium staff member is working long hours everyday to benefit you and your future.

I'm excited for Sunday night's call and our bright future together!

To Your Success!

Ken Eggleston
Monitium Founder & CEO

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